Modified PU carriers for Wastewater Treatment Application

An Article published in everything about water magazine on modified PU carriers and their application in wastewater treatment.

Authors : Amit Christian Modified_PU_Carriers_For_Wastewater_Treatment РCopy


High Performance PU carrier impregnated with activated carbon for wastewater treatment appliation

LEVAPOR- flyer

LEVAPOR carriers are made of flexible, durable PU foam impregnated with surface active pigments along with activated carbon. The high internal porosity of PU foam combined with the adsorbent properties of activated carbon results in a very high adsorbent carrier surface and internal porosity with LEVAPOR carrier. These properties offer distinct advantages compared to conventional plastic media based carrier materials including:

  • Faster colonization and process start up
  • Remarkable process stability under varying reactor conditions
  • +100 to 300 % better process performance compared to conventional suspended growth based system
  • Lower degree of reactor filling (12 to 15%) compared to conventional plastic media (40 to 70%)
  • Lower energy consumption for mixing and fluidization
  • Upgradation/expansion of existing UASB/CAS without adding additional basin
  • Smaller foot print of the treatment facilities
  • Simultaneous nitrification-denitrification in a single reactor¬†Fig2_LEVAPOR_Delivery_form

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